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'Stainless steel that surpasses metal's boundaries'
- Ultra-thin 10μm seamless processing

Metal Sleeve Business Segment

Endo's Metal Sleeve business uses metal plasticity processing technology that we've developed on our own. The high level of technology developed contributes to the enhancement of the products which requires precise quality. Manufacturing capability enabling mass production with high quality has been established. That quality and technology has attracted attention from a variety of industries and has the great possibilities.

Endo's Metal Sleeve business started from the progress of our metal plasticity processing technology.The metal sleeve that we've developed through long term research makes possible seamless metal processing to a micro-thinness of approximately 10μ and is essential as functional parts for high-performance OA equipment. for which we are now gaining a large market share.

By extending our coverage to a variety of high growth areas including the ecology, medical, and other high tech industries, we continue to provide unmistakable value using our unique proprietary technology.

Metal Sleeve

Incredible Thinness and Spring Properties

Metal sleeve is Endo Manufacturing's own ultra-thin processing technology, enabling ultra-thinness and high precision that was not previously possible. It is attracting a great deal of attention as a technology that enables the processing of a variety of materials. We recently accomplished a reduction in thinness from 30μm to 10μm. With the patents registered in Japan, USA, Germany, France and England, we are now expecting to develop more business world-wide.

The manufacturing of metal tubes normally involves welding, extracting and cutting. However, by our proprietary production method for metal sleeves, combining warm deep drawing and special rolling plasticity processing, we mass produce high precision ultra-thin pipes, previously deemed impossible with conventional technology. We are able to produce metal sleeves in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, nickel alloy, clad material and titanium.


Metal Sleeve Utility Patent

A manufacturing method combining warm deep drawing and special rolling plasticity processing. Patents are registered in Japan, America, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.


Example of Metal Sleeve Processing


Ultra-Thin Seamless Pipe

By being able to do ultra-thin processing to a wall thickness of less than 40μm, we have made it possible to bend a sleeve like a resin film. Excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and rigidity.

DiameterFrom φ18mm toφ45mm
Wall thicknessFrom 27μm to 100μm
LengthUp to 420mm

Thin Seamless Pipe

Achieves processing of wall thickness of less than 100μm that would be very hard to achieve with other production methods. Can be used as thin seamless pipe featuring high temperature strength and corrosion resistance.

DiameterFrom φ10mm to φ30mm
Wall thicknessFrom 100μm to 300μm
LengthUp to 420mm

Small Diameter, Ultra-Thin Seamless Pipe

Seamless pipe for small diameter, thin applications. Minimum thickness of t15μm and under consideration for electrical equipment, medical equipment and automobile parts.

DiameterFrom φ3mm toφ10mm
Wall thicknessFrom 15μm to 100μm
LengthUp to 400mm

Small Diameter, Ultra-Thin Seamless Ring

Seamless ring for small diameter, thin applications. Minimum thickness of t15μm and under consideration for medical equipment parts.

DiameterFrom φ3mm toφ30mm
Wall thicknessFrom 15μm to 60μm
LengthFrom 3mm

Ultra-Thin Seamless Belt

Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resitance. Additionally, by applying a formula to improve fatigue, it exhibits excellent characterisitics as a base material for drive transmission belt.

DiameterFrom φ20mm toφ160mm
Wall thicknessFrom 15μm to 60μm
LengthFrom 3mm to 400mm

Seamless Case with Bottom

Excellent corrosion resistance since there is no welded area on the bottom or cylindrical part. Exhibits excellent characteristics, even in harsh usage environments. Has a recrord of being under consideration as a case for batteries.

DiameterFrom φ20mm toφ60mm
Wall thicknessFrom 50μm to 300μm
LengthFrom 50mm to 400mm

Manufacturing Specifications for Metal Sleeve

Possible Manufacturing Specifications

DiameterFrom φ3mm
Wall thicknessFrom 10μm to 300μm
LengthUp to 400mm
Surface RoughnessRa≦0.3μm

Note: Wall thickness differs depending on diameter

Possible Manufacturing Materials

Stainless SteelSUS304, SUS316L, SUS430 etc.
TitaniumPure Titanium・Titanium Alloy etc.
Nickel AlloyInconel, Monel, Permalloy, Hastelloy etc.
Clad MaterialSUS-CU-SUS, SUS-CU-NI etc.
OthersOther metals and alloys

Note: Materials can be chosen based on characteristics such as strength, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and permeability.


Metal Sleeve - Research and Development on New Applications

At Endo Manufacturing we utilize the ultra-thin seamless pipe manufacturing technology we developed in the OA equipment sector to develop new applications for medical parts, automobile parts, and the new energy-related sector.

Examples of New Applications

In addition to these, also under consideration as heat pipes, bellows base materials and IH parts. We develop and provide high performance metal sleeves based on the new requirements of customers.

A shift away from conventional technology using metal sleeves

A fusing roller for printers is an example of the practical application of a metal sleeve. We switched this previously resin made part to a metal sleeve, which possesses metal's distinct characteristics of high strength and thermal conductivity. In putting this into practical use, we not only did product development but also design and manufacture the equipment, realizing a formidable cost-competitiveness.

We also have many other new development projects, including battery cases, motor covers, seamless belts, and seamless rings. We believe we can offer new added value, even in sectors where previously our products had not been used.


Testing and Measurement Equipment

An example of the various testing and measurement equipment we possess that is necessary to promote the development of metal sleeves.

Cylindrical measurement machine : measures dimensional precision of metal sleeves in three dimensions.

Rotary fatigue test : measures the fatigue strength of metal sleeves by our own test method.

Cylindrical Measurement Machine

Belt Fatigue Test

New Products

New Product - High Thermoconductive Metal Sleeve

Based upon our proprietary processing technology and by combining a variety of materials, the 'high thermal conductivity metal sleeve' developed by Endo Manufacturing has thermal conductivity properties that far exceed that of previous seamless pipes and has a diverse range of applications. Here we introduce typical examples of such applications.

Clad Material Metal Sleeve

Utilizing metal sleeve technology, we process different metals pressure welded to form clad materials, into ultra thin seamless pipes.

For example, by processing a three layer material such as 'stainless steel, copper, stainless steel' it is possible to produce an ultra-thin seamless pipe possessing both the strength of stainless steel and the thermal conductivity of steel.

Possible Manufacturing Specifications

Diameter From φ18mm toφ45mm
Wall thickness From 35μm to 100μm
Length From 150mm to 400mm

Possible Manufacturing Materials

Stainless steel, copper, stainless steel
Stainless steel, copper, nickel
and others

Comparative Thermal Conductivity Data

Even when comparing with seamless pipes made from other materials, it possesses far higher thermal conductivity.

Multi-Layered Metal Sleeves

In accordance with the application, we join a metal layer to the surface of a thin seamless pipe processed by metal sleeve technology.

For example, by joining a layer of aluminium, which has high thermal conductivity, to a high strength stainless steel ultra-thin seamless pipe, it is possible to produce a seamless pipe possessing both the strength of stainless steel and the thermal conductivity of aluminium.

Possible Manufacturing Specifications

Diameter From φ10mm toφ30mm
Wall thickness From 100μm to 300μm
Length From 150mm to 400mm

Possible Manufacturing Materials

Stainless steel-Aluminium
Pure iron-Aluminium
and others

Comparative Thermal Conductivity Data

An aluminium layer supplements thermal conductivity to a stainless steel only thin seamless pipe.Depending on the particular features of a metal to be joined to the surface, it is possible to add its characteristics such as corrosion resistance and permeability.

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