The origin of Endo Manufacturing is in “Forging”. Through the years, the processes have been constantly refined and we have always built upon the know-how and technology we have superbly developed.
Our progress in forging has created new processing and manufacturing technologies and has expanded our business accordingly.
Now with our advanced technologies in progress and enhanced production systems, we are able to meet the challenging expectations of today and tomorrow.


At Endo Manufacturing, we put a special emphasis on forging as our core technology, and continue to work on quality improvement, technology development and research. Our business areas have greatly expanded to the fields of Golf and Metal Sleeve products and Forging of automobile parts. Additionally, we are now applying past successful technologies and systems that we have developed to new OA equipment business endeavors.
This is not only due to our determined focus on the “Forging” process, but also our integrated in-house production systems as well. These systems cover all stages from planning to design and manufacturing and have made it possible to integrate all of the information among the various departments. We also have created an environment where our staff openly improve each other and feel encouraged to make a better product for our customers.
Also, our forging technology extends our business fields to not only golf club manufacturing, but parts manufacturing for automobiles and our continuous study of metal processing technology has developed new plasticity processing technologies, which created a new market for OA equipment and other products.

Regarding our Golf business, we are manufacturing golf clubs for both domestic and international major brands as an OEM supplier. Our high quality products have earned a very good reputation from many amateur and professional golfers. We continue to work tirelessly on high quality manufacturing that impresses the customer by using our technology and achievements, which are well-accepted worldwide.

In the area of Metal Sleeve, we invented the micro-thinness metal plasticity processing technology that is unparalleled in the world. As such, we are now gaining a top share in the market by providing micro-thin seamless pipes for high performance OA equipment.

With regards to Forging parts for automobiles, we utilize the specific properties that forging provides, such as stiffness and precise molding technology that was initially developed in our Golf business. In this way, we are able to satisfy the customer’s requests to provide safety-critical parts for automobiles and agricultural machinery. We are constantly enhancing our manufacturing capabilities with consistent and precise production to meet the rising demand for quality parts in Asia and the other countries where growth is expected.

These three business areas are operated under integrated production system that networks three manufacturing locations of Japan, Thailand.
In Thailand, we successfully transferred the spirit of quality manufacturing and high level of technologies. This has allowed our Japan office to focus on the product designing and planning. “Planning in Japan and mass-production with a high level of accumulated technology in Thailand” realizes stable quality, increases cost advantage, and establishes an efficient and effective business model.

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