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Endo Brand - Powered by People

Endo's unique technology can't be found anywhere else;
it is people that support this one of a kind technology.


In each of Endo Manufacturing's four business segments we are an OEM manufacturer for the world's top brands. Although our name doesn't appear in the OEM products or parts that we manufacture, each and every product or part that we plan and manufacture is inscribed with ENDO's passion for making things. That is why we have passion and a commitment to making things as our basic stance. Although the products we produce will change to suit the times, we won't waver in our belief in putting our soul into the products we deliver to impress end users.


The ability to impress end users is reserved only for those who can dream. At Endo Manufacturing each and every employee, while speaking of their own dreams, approaches making things with a sincere attitiude, all the time increasing their own experience and development. In time, a world from this a world leading brand will be born. Recruitment of overseas staff will continue together with the development of global society as we aim to be organization that is active on the world stage.