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Q1.How do I apply?

You may apply after checking the job type, job description and the required qualifications. You can also get information on how to apply by attending job fairs and information sessions. In addition, please feel free to contact us with any questions by phone or email.

Q2.What kind of candidates are you looking for?

  • Those who want a career on the front line of global business.
  • Those with a pioneer spirit who want to take on the world through making things.
  • Those with an objective in their specialized field who can ??????.

That being said, we hire a wide variety of people with various types of expertise and individuality.

Q3.Please tell me about the factory in Thailand.

Currently we have three companies that manufacture golf club heads, metal sleeves and forged parts for automobiles etc. respectively. Our manufacturing is supported by over 1600 local staff (as at Dec. 2017). We operate a vibrant factory where Japanese and local staff work together as one. Staff from Japan, whether in technical or administrative positions, go to the factory on business trips for short periods/long periods.

Q4.Is it possible to be selected for recruitment without proficiency in another language?

Language proficiency is not a criterion for selection. However, in sections where a high level of language proficiency is necessary, it is a fact that it is better to have proficiency than to not have it.

Q5.Please tell me about overseas business trips and overseas secondment.

As long as we have a division of labor system, overseas trips and secondments are a possibility for all employees. For all future employees in particular, it should understand that this is a 100% possibility. However, with regard to secondment, it is technical instructors who will be posted overseas. In other words, specialists who have acquired technological skills will be chosen. For business trips, travel is not just limited to Thailand but to countries throughout the world, on a global scale.

Q6.Is there a staff dormitory?

Yes. For those not able to commute from home, it is possible to stay in the dormitory. For those who, due to circumstances, are not able to stay in the dorm, a housing subsidy is available (maximum of JPY 40,000 per month). In addition, though this is almost unheard of in other companies, we cover 100% of the cost of using toll roads for those who have to commute a long distance.