Endo proclaims our presence in a global manufacturing community with vitality and new ideas. We pursue elegant manufacturing solutions and suggestions for the end users with high quality and beautility supported by the most advanced technology in our industry.
We continue to strive to become “the most outstanding manufacturing brand ” in the world.
Endo has always been pursuing the goal of being the leading company in the precise processing of metal plasticity. Endo started the business in the Tsubame and Sanjo areas of Niigata prefecture in Japan, which have a long history as major centers of composite metal manufacturing. The term “manufacturing” at Endo means a broad range of manufacturing processes, including design and development, and is entirely different from “production”, which only reflects processing. This is our concept of “manufacturing” and is the foundation of our company philosophy: “Creating a Future without Limits”.
In addition, our core technology is in “Forging”. Currently having three major business segments of Golf, Metal Sleeve, and Forging of automobile parts, we have extended our business locations to Thailand in addition to our head office in Japan. In each segment, we make continuous efforts to evolve our own technologies and we take the responsibility to supply the world’s top class companies with products and parts on an OEM basis. We also enjoy working diligently to meet the customer’s requests for performance, quality and cost. It is also our aim to satisfy the end users with products that are of high quality and exciting. As a manufacturer that represents Japan and Asia, Endo Manufacturing strives to continue to be an essential factor in a global supply chain of metal products with our three strengths of prompt responses to needs, advanced technology and high quality.

Taishi Watabe
Endo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

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