Endo Manufacturing has worked on valuable manufacturing ever since we started business.
Our history is comprised of our people’s enthusiasm and beliefs, and the development of high-level technology born from that practice.
Likewise, our people and our technology, as in the past, will be the key driving forces for the future.


What should we do to manufacture much better products? How can we improve productivity and efficiency? What is the value a customer is looking for?
Endo’s history is filled with enthusiasm and dreams that have been translated into manufacturing wonderful products. It is a cycle of exploring the customer’s needs, training new skills, manufacturing a great product, and gaining the trust from the customers because of our quality and partnering with them to create new products.
We continue to work on creating value for the future by fully using the intelligence and imagination of our own and the knowledge gained through our experiences. It is our goal to attain a manufacturing environment which will surpass even our long history that our people and technology have achieved.


Endo Manufacturing started business in metal processing, which was popular as a local industry in Tsubamesanjo. We turned our attention to producing sewing machine parts which was in great demand and then, started with production of screwdrivers and a variety of needles for sewing machines. This is the era when we started manufacturing products to create demand using the locally-developed technology.
At this time when manufacturing of western tableware had grown rapidly in Tsubame, Endo Manufacturing started manufacturing a seven piece-set of kitchen utensils, which included a ladle, spoon, fork, knife, etc. Then we started to export them and garnered a huge share of the overseas market for stainless steel kitchen tools.
During this period of rapid economic growth, Endo’s business scale also grew a great deal. We diversified and manufactured six categories of products, e.g. sewing machines, kitchen tools, containers, silverware, tooling, and golf club head. We also commenced approaching the domestic market in addition to the overseas market.
We consolidated six different businesses from the point of efficiency, and reorganized into manufacturing setup centering on three business categories of golf equipment, stainless steel and precision machinery. When Epon Golf was established in late 1970’s, manufacturing a golf club of our own began in earnest.
Endo Manufacturing realized the necessity of manufacturing overseas and built a manufacturing plant in Thailand. Starting with the establishment of ENDO THAI CO., LTD in 1989, we strengthened our business structure by completing mass-production setups in each of the business areas of golf club head, stainless parts, and forging parts.
We looked for new business development opportunities using the strength of each of our existing business categories: golf club heads manufacturing, stainless parts manufacturing, and forging parts manufacturing. We will continue to evolve by exploring new opportunities in the future with medical devices using our forging technology and new products using the metal sleeve.
We started to set up a mass-production system for our three core businesses. By networking each production system in Japan, and Thailand, we developed the critical infrastructure to increase our market share. We also started manufacturing medical devices using our forging technologies.

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