Metal Sleeve Challenge to Thinnest in the World

Endo’s Metal Sleeve business uses metal plasticity processing technology that we’ve developed on our own.
The high level of technology developed contributes to the enhancement of the products which requires precise quality.
Manufacturing capability enabling mass production with high quality has been established.
That quality and technology has attracted attention from a variety of industries and has the great possibilities.

Endo’s Metal Sleeve business started from metal processing which was popular in our local area and has continued to grow. Endo stands apart because we have been placing an enormous focus on processing technology. The “metal sleeve” that we’ve developed through long-time research has enabled us to process the metal to extreme thinness. This processing technology made it possible to manufacture metal parts to micro-thinness of approximately 30μ. Additionally, we’ve taken this technology to mass-production which employs a production system of high precision and high efficiency. We meet the customers’ requirements in a speedy manner and with a high quality product, and we are the only one that mass-manufactures the metal sleeve around the globe. The seamless pipes that are made possible by the metal sleeves are now recognized as essential parts for high-function OA equipment. As a result, we are now gaining a large market share.
We continue to put focus on our own metal micro-thinness processing technology and improve upon the product durability, elasticity and other important technical functions. Also, we continue to strengthen our development as a globally respected supplier of Metal Sleeve processing products. In addition, by extending our coverage to a variety of high growth areas including the ecology, medical, and other high tech industries, we continue to provide respectable value using our unique proprietary technology.

Metal Sleeve Nwe Technology of thinness 15μm(0.015mm)

Metal sleeve is Endo’s own technology of micro-thinness processing which utilizes a combined warm deep-drawing and special rolling-plasticity processing. And, since this technology enables high flexibility in shaping as well as thinness and precision in processing which had never been possible before, it attracts a great deal of attention as a technology that enables the processing of a variety of materials. In addition, we recently accomplished the thinning from 30μ.to 15μ. With the patents registered in Japan, USA, Germany, France and England, we are now expecting to develop more business world-wide.

Manufacturing Process

Processing example

Endo will be glad to manufacture high-accurate seamless pipe complying with each customer’s technical need. Endo contributes in lowering processing energy and saving natural resource, with special plasticity processing releasing no cutting powder.

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