Endo’s manufacturing of golf club head supports the world’s top brands. We have developed and built trustworthy partnerships with world class brands with our outstanding capabilities in production of their valued products with high performance and high quality.
This has been accomplished by utilizing our accumulated forging technologies and integrated in-house production systems.


Endo Manufacturing is a top manufacturer of forged golf club heads. Supported by our excellent core forging technologies, we realize not only better performance, such as further distance, but also a comfortable feel at the impact. We have achieved an excellent reputation from many domestic and overseas golf club brands with our verified quality and capabilities. For production of high quality and comfortable golf club heads, we place a great deal of focus on the ideals of “Furthering the advance the forging technology”, ”Creating Master models with our excellent skills for sensitiveness and comfort”, and “Sharing the image of the final product throughout the entire product processes”.
We elevate our forging technologies to meet any requested performances by continuous study of heating temperatures and tooling design.
In the Master model process, by combining our highly accurate CAD system and the excellent knowledge and skills we have accumulated, we realize the very sensitive comfort that our valued customers are expecting in the final products.
Also, by sharing the same information and knowledge of the final product throughout the production processes beginning with the development stage, all the workers involved can see the same vision of the golf club. Endo’s golf business has been trusted by our customers because of our distinctive world-class manufacturing facilities where technologies and people’s senses are harmonized, and we work diligently to manufacture a golf club head that impresses the most sophisticated customer.

Product Development

Based on the product concept developed by the customer, we leverage our design know-how and production technology to that plan and refine the specifications for each product with the customer. We work on product development to realize the concept using advanced CAD modeling technology and simulation technology.

Master Model

The golf club heads of both woods and irons are CAD-modeled, and a prototype master model for each is then produced. We work on manufacturing a product with the belief that human senses should be taken into account, such as the feel and sound of hitting the ball, etc., in addition to numerical evaluation.


Tooling is made in-house based on 3D data of a master model, and tooling for metal woods and irons are made through precise processing. We have brought tooling work in-house, which is the heart and soul of manufacturing to enable rapid and detailed responses to the customer’s requirements.

Precision Forging

In the forging process where the raw material is heated and struck to form a required shape, we manufacture forgings through our accumulated “precision forging technology.” Refined grain structure and oriented grain flow produced in the forgings significantly improve the physical properties of the metal such as strength and flexibility, and also achieve accurate dimension and smoother forged surface.

MC and Welding

The forged products are cut using a numerical control machining center and the shape of the mating surfaces is formed. By using a 3-D welding robot, automated welding can be done even on a 3-D curved surface like a golf club head precisely.


Our polishing process involves a combination of automated polishing and hand polishing by our highly skilled workers. This enables us to create uniform and smooth surface finishes even when the shapes are complicated, while still ensuring that the head surface shape is reproduced in accordance with the master model.

Plating and Painting

The golf club head surface is plated and painted using an automated plating line and sophisticated painting technology. The result is a finished golf club head that is beautiful with an attractive bright sheen.

Inspection and Assembly

The club heads are assembled with shafts and grips. The finished products are checked very carefully by the hands and eyes of our inspection staffs. The final inspection is carried out from all aspects including checking for defects on the components and the overall balance.


Epon is Endo’s own golf club brand. In order to meet the special requirements of the golfers who are looking for a much higher level of the club performance, we customize the product for each of the users. To this end, we seek to manufacture full performance products to meet the uncompromising requirements of highly–motivated golfers who are passionate about their sport.


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