We have extended the forging technology that we developed for manufacturing golf club heads to other business fields.
By utilizing the metallic characteristics that are enhanced by forging, we manufacture products to meet a variety of applications such as safety-critical parts for automobiles, agricultural machinery, and so on.


Endo’s forged parts for automobiles are a direct result of refining our own forging technology developed for our manufacturing of golf club heads. In Thailand, where the world’s automobile industry gathers, we manufacture component parts which require performance, such as high level of strength and durability for axle and drivetrain-related parts, etc. Although this represents only a part of the entire product, we take pride that our manufacturing provides the end users with confidence and safety. Endo’s forged parts for automobiles are now adopted by automobile manufactures in the US and Europe as well as Japan and this business is supporting the growth of the automobile industry in Asia and other countries. As a result, recognizing the growth of primary industries in Asia, we recently started parts manufacturing for the agricultural machinery, as well. Considering potentiality of agricultural industrialization using machinery, we are pioneering this new field which is expected to grow steadily in the future.


In terms of manufacturing, due to integration of tooling design, its production and forging in-house, we were able to reduce lead time significantly, which has earned us trust from the customers.


We respond to constantly changing in-
dustrial circumstances and technological innovations, and work on manufacturing solutions to meet any specific customer needs. We believe that our constant efforts to improve manufacturing processes support the development of prosperity in Asian countries.




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